Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Lost My Best Friend....

I never knew , it is more painful to lose a friend than love.......just wanted to share my feelings for my lost friend....some people come in life for a brief period but leave their marks that would remain rest of the life........

Want to share my poetry.......

I Lost My Friend

You started as a stranger,
So careful and yet bold.
I initially avoided you,
But then I got to know you,
And let myself unfold.

I told you all my secrets,
I shared with you my past.
This god given friendship,
It grew rather fast.

You were like my little buddy,
So much more than just a friend.
And when you needed comfort,
Remember, you were all broken & discarded,
Remember, you needed helping hand ,
My heart I would lend.

At night we stayed up crying,
Wishing we were dead.
The memories I have of you,
They linger in my head,
I wish i could get rid of past.

Like that time when we both vowed,
To never be apart.
I took it very serious,
Yet naively and locked it in my heart.

I miss the nights when we would laugh,
When we would cry,
And say what's on our mind.
And bless God that someone there,
To talk our mind ,
Act as if nothing was wrong,
And leave all worries behind.
But now at night I'm all alone,
My heart it cannot mend.
For when you took your life,
You also took my friend
Must watch this video......

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