Thursday, May 22, 2008

Basant in Nagasaki, Japan Hmm but No Mujra

We guys are just aware of Basant celebration in Lahore. Last evening I was surprised to watch a report on NHK TV Japan on “Basant” Spring Kite Flying Festival in Nagasaki, Japan. Can you guess where I watched, on the flat TV on my running machine “Treadmill” at Sheraton Health & Leisure Club.

TV was showing that every spring season Nagasaki welcomes the season with Kite flying on the beach, it is a historical practice. I was surprised to see a Kite enthusiast 70 years old Mr. Nakamura San, he is passionate about kites and he decorated his house with handmade Kites.

Even I came to know that glass coated sharp MANJA is also used in Japan, however, in Pakistan we end up cutting various necks with MANJA and also cause damage to electricity lines as well as people falling down from buildings, followed by scores of deaths.

On Basant Night, in Lahore, on the one hand all those big fat rich guys jump on the top floors of hotels and bungalows and on the other hand Big Busty Women performing MUJRA on the beat of Dhool. Drinks served and followed by happy ending during the mid night.

Wow what an amazing way of welcoming the spring in Lahore.

Unlike Lahore, Japanese Kite flying and spring welcome is more of a family event on the beach side, in an organized and disciplined way which does not require women to dance for …..fat……. hungry…… desperate…… DOGS “men”.

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