Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dare to FART & LUMS Class Participation CP

Some suggestions for all of us;-) heheh

A French doctor is urging his countrymen to take a more relaxed view to bodily functions for the good of their health.Frédéric Saldmann says they should give free rein to farting, burping and sweating to reduce the risk of cancer.In his book, Le Grand Ménage, Dr Saldmann invites them to embrace the stereotypical British view of the French.
The French, he says, should ‘dare to fart’. Getting rid of the two litres of gas produced each day is a ‘natural process’ and retaining it can be harmful to the intestines.
At LUMS big chunk of performance point rest with class participation CP...few of my fellows always hold their thoughts and other just impatiently release it....i love to see few guy marching out of class with HONDA jingle "Mein Tay CP Hee Lay Saaaan" and few sharp ones march with EAGLE jingle " Mein Nay Tay CP Lay Veee Leee" heheheh

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