Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Gets in the Way of Us Connecting with Others?

I came across an interesting read, it is so true that expectation hamper the true humanly connection...yes.
It is Expectation. When we are expecting, we are not connecting - we are just waiting for affirmation. To really connect, to really relate, we need to be open and not just be looking to get our buttons massaged. Expectation is a kind of contraction.

Contracting is fear, and fear certainly blocks communication.

To truly sit in our most authentic place and let our games take a really open our truly see another....deeply....we also need to come from a place of not-knowing when we know all the answers, there's no room for discovery, no room for listening.

Heart. ah the heart. to open our hearts, to move through this complex, crazy, painful world, with our hearts wide open, knowing that we have room for everyone - cause our hearts are infinite let go the past and all the rejections and the hurts and every time we were not seen or did not see to let go all the lifetimes of pain and let it go, but not to deny it...not to lose our power and protection but to be strong and open and vulnerable at the same time....and meet each other right here, right now, not somewhere else - not later, and not earlier, just now.

oh to love like we were born to love. what if we could all just start doing that. can you imagine this world? if the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker would really look you in the eye with gods eyes looking at your eyes of god...if every interaction was a little tongue lick from one spark of divinity to tasty this world would be!!!!

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