Monday, July 7, 2008

Mullah with iPhone in GQ

GQ Magazine is one of the time pass, esp. if someone is waiting somewhere. Pleasure skimming though trendy pictures, at times good read as well. Today, I felt lazy at Gym, didn’t do much gym rather spent time in the SPA. GQ is the best companion in sauna or Jacuzzi area of my gym.

I loved reading an interesting article, it is about the MULLAH and iPhone …wow, it is very interesting, the gadget freak corrupt mullahs driving SUVs.

Here is an exciting read;

“The attacks on the CD shops, the DVD shops—that’s not the Taliban. They are not local people. Taliban means ‘students.’ Look all around you. All these people you see, they are the Taliban.”

His cell phone rings, and from between the folds of the blanket he wears wrapped against the cold appears an iPhone. Which I didn’t even know you could buy in Pakistan. He shows me some pictures of his kids, doing that pinching motion you see on the iPhone commercials. When I told the local bureau chief for Talat’s channel that I was coming to visit the maulana, he said, “I like him. He’s one of the good political mullahs. Because he’s corrupt. Much easier to deal with!” He came into power a modest man, but now he owns a shopping center and drives a new Toyota four-by-four. This is maybe why support for the so-called political mullahs is disappearing.”

In ideological state of Pakistan, It is worth being Mullah, wearing a social mask, using iPhone, driving SUV Jeep and loads of corruption money. Thanks to religious political MULLAH MILITARY ALLIANCE. At times it reminds me of European dark ages.
I wonder what mullah does with iPhone,

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