Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mars and Venus; Women are Mysterious??

Today I came across an interesting article on Mars & Venus, men and women difference.

It was a refresher of John Grey’s book Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus. This talk has always been interesting and intriguing.

So many times I have heard my male friends saying “Hard to understand women” so do women say “male are complicated”.

I totally agree that women are protective and nurturing with maternal instincts, mainly focused to home related priorities. It is well known that women are homemaker

It is common that men are not interested in people but love things, more focused on career and job related things and constantly improving skills and power. Very logical vis a vis emotional women ‘few exceptions are there :P”

Women are good at playing with tears I would call it secret weapons WMD “weapons of mass destruction” :P

Whenever I am at gym, our talk revolves around Politics, Business, Sports or Work at times some oldies love sensual talks but women love gossip and at times they get jealous too.

Men love sports more than anything and at times more time spent in front of tv watching sports rather than having attention on wife. People have coined an interesting term Sports Widow.

Women truly love shopping, its really a stress buster, even at times window shopping also result in self satisfaction.

Women love giving instructions to men and at times repeat same thing dozens of times. Guys, believe you me, at times they are nag bit too much :P Another thing which I talked with friends, women can do multi tasking but guys love focus. So it means men can focus well on one thing and women face distraction ;-)

Men really do selective listening they just nod but ears are closed. Hey, women beware of nodding un-attentive men.

Men love channel surfing, I guess on average we guys spent 2 minutes per channel. Boys love their toys ' i mean gadgets :P " a lot.

To sum up the whole men versus women scenario, we can safely say that they communicate differently and also think, perceive and react differently to various situations. Both sexes have problems identifying and comprehending the other’s issues. Men often have no clue what women want out of them and women have no clue what men want out of them, and that’s why life is so interesting ;-)

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