Sunday, July 13, 2008

FATTIES Get Off Your "Bottoms'" & Eat LESS

I came across a satire movie WALL E, its about overweight women.......Even in Pakistan these days a lot of people are becoming weight conscious ...along side there are people who support the discrimination against fatties at work place...

'Fat rights' groups in America are calling for legislation to ban discrimination in the workplace against the obese, denouncing airlines that require large passengers to buy two seats and protesting against the new film WALL-E, a satire that depicts humans of the future as overweight gluttons who never leave their armchairs

We had a small talk on fattism, my friends are of the view that "Fat people are generally fat by choice. Look at how slim people were in the past. Why? They ate less and exercised more.

So, all you FATTIES get off your "bottoms'" and eat LESS. Making you pay more for your space and weight will hurt your pocket and hopefully change your ways and your weight.......

Hmm i guess, Obese people should be sued for overuse of the world's resources the midts of rising food prices across the globe :P

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