Saturday, July 5, 2008

Exploding Mangoes; A Case of Sex, Lies & Drugs

A case of sex, lies and drugs is all about the nightmare military era of late Zia. Mohammad Hanif, a guy from Okara, migrated to London, lived for over ten years in London, he is back in town.

He is well known, anyone who loves reading novels, know his credentials.

His novel, A Case of Exploding Mangoes is different, a thought provoking political subject. He was invited at T2F but unfortunately I missed it, but his talk mesmerized my friends.

I just read intro part of the book but friends who read it, to them Mangoes is a mystery novel that pulls together a variety of thematic strings all converging to the assassination plot that killed General Zia.

The favorite line in novel which intrigues the readers is “My optimism went straight to my bladder”. Another interesting analogy of Zia in comparisons with Musharraf, he writes, “We lived and are still living the same nightmare but probably in reverse”.

An interesting and must read novel, strongly recommended.

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