Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wanna Be Pakis & no RESERVATIONS

Today I came across Dawn News program no RESERVATIONS, musician Ahmed Ali Butt of RUBBER BAND and Nadia Naipur ‘I don’t know who they are” were the guests.

Kamiar, the host carried the talk well but all of a sudden talk started with breast implants, mango boobs, rubber band, condom, safe sex…all out of the context.

I wonder, what makes Pakis to be wanna be, out of the context…speak in foreign accent and talk a lot about sex.

Even, at times I get to see wanna be naturists at my gym SPA, if Gora crowd takes naked steam and sauna, we Pakis follow them to look cool…..

A hollow nation marching on the streets, one is trying to be more GORA than a Gora and other is making poor crowd more Arab than an Arabic

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