Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mommy Makeover & Future Women Beauty Clinics!!1

I came across an interesting read on the future women beauty clinics & SPA in todays Guardian Newspaper....Even few of the following services are getting enroute into Karachi !

As the first specialised clinic offering vaginal strength tests, electronic toning and 'sexercise' packages opens in New York, Viv Groskop examines the controversial craze for pelvic-floor fitness.

Have you achieved optimal pelvic-floor fitness? This is the question posed by a new medical spa which recently opened in New York. The clinic, Phit - short for "pelvic health integrated techniques" - offers everything from vulvar reconstruction to labiaplasty, all under the banner of "vaginal rejuvenation".

Run by Dr Lauri J Romanzi, Phit is all about maximum pelvic floor elasticity. Its signature treatment is a £75 gynaecological exam where the patient contracts her pelvic muscles around the doctor's fingers to determine their strength. And if you are not quite ready for "the 'other' face-lift" (non-surgical labial contouring to restore "plump firmness"), you could simply opt for the "lazy Susan" ("painless electrical stimulation" of your pelvic floor muscles).

Alongside the "mommy makeover" which features four pelvic-toning sessions, one of Phit's packages is marketed as "sexercise". This introduces an element of sexual athleticism, almost certainly so the clinic can market itself to young women as well as to the post-natal demographic.

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