Thursday, July 10, 2008

Creative Desi Babe Writes 'Tunnel Vision'

Tunnel vision is an artistic creation of Shandana Minhas, emerging desi novelist.

She is just 29, few years younger than me:P, to her, writing first novel is like “having a baby, ejecting an infant from your uterus is excruciating, but the body forgets.
Tunnel Vision is another fresh literary wind after Exploding Mangoes of Muhammad Hanif, name Tunnel Vision is all about 80s, the Zia era and it affected everyone in contemporary Pakistan

She thinks Karachi is friendlier towards writers as compared to Lahore because she hails from my city ‘Karachi’, but to me Lahore is also adorable, it is my second home and academic abode :P

One thing I like about desi novelist, they are writing towards hardcore political realities in literary context, it is not all about fairy tales but hardcore socially sensitive literature.

Tunnel Vision is a good read and food for thoughts, a fresh young wind.

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