Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MISYAR; Marriage of Convenience or HALAL SEX

Recently I came across the word Misyar; it is a Sunni marriage contract with a difference. In Misyar, the man can marry another woman without informing his first wife from a traditional marriage. He has no obligation to support wife, there is no dowry to be paid. Ironically it is not public and kept secret.

It is practiced in Saudi, to them it is common belief that if woman remain single she will get into unlawful sex and guy should also marry three or four woman so that unlawful sex could be avoided.

In Egypt ‘short contractual marriages are called URFI marriage. If any woman is single or divorced, MISYAR can help get away with stigma of being single woman.

Marriage can last from 48 hours to a year with no obligation…..depend on sexual lust & orgasmic temperament.

Article hit me hard; we talk a lot about West & immoral sexual openness. Well, yes they are immoral but what is Misyar;
A contract, pay and have sex and dump after 48 hours, no obligation. To me moral difference in Arabic and Western society is simple.

Arab eat Halal chicken West eat Haram chicken, isn’t subjective, the notion of Halal Sex & Haram Sex !!!!!!
If one screws around & brand short term sex HALAL… is morally correct but straight short term Western sex is immoral and Haram .

Guys, world seems to me very very subjective so are religious-cultural norms.

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