Monday, March 15, 2010

Killing; seems like a sport!!! Is it India, Jews or America!!!

Cricket, Hockey & Squash, all sports are on decline; there was a time we were known for these games. Over the years, killing game has become so popular that we have neglected other sports.

Let me share a story, It was an exciting day, cool breeze and pleasant Karachi evening; I received a call from one of my intellectual friends to join him over walk .I left office around six to join him at Nisar Shaheed Park “it’s in Defense Housing locality in Karachi, Pakistan”. He was walking anti clock wise, to catch him I walked clock wise, i was about to meet him, all of sudden security personnel locked all the doors and directed us to get out of the park. I heard that some spooky person “may be a suicide bomber” entered inside the park. Men, women and kids all started running towards gate, completely terrifying scene.

I came out and saw contingent of police surrounded the park.

The next day we heard over 50 people killed in Lahore, series of small intensity bomb blasted in residential Iqbal Town Lahore. Everyday, series of suicide bombing or target killing takes place, mainly killing the innocent civilians.

Today, I was driving for lunch along with a friend, she mentioned to me ‘ Imran its so easy for anyone, an armed personnel can kill as many people as possible and walk away’, it shows the level of aggravating security situation in Pakistan.

Our media and leaders just say one sentence (All is Well), Down with America, its bloody Jewish Lobby, no….. its India……well it’s so easy to be apologetic and leave the responsibility on others.

Isn’t it states responsibility to ensure the safety of people?

Everyday we get to hear that one of our friends is migrating (safe) from Pakistan, even without knowing the career path and one may face abroad but right now everyone is running away safely.

Even an optimist, person like Abdul Sattar Edhi “well know philanthropist” sees a gloomy future, as per him Pakistan is at the stage of make or break .

The way remedial measures are progressing, I am afraid it may be too late.

We may end up reading horror stories about Pakistani women and families in novels, the way Afghan stories are selling in US & Europe.

Wake up......... before its too late !!!!!

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Sujay said...

Hmmm....these politicians always do that....when they can't show progress or when they cant ensure security, they blame it on a non-state actor, and direct the public outrage away from themselves. The politicians always have poster boys like Zaid Hamid who constantly spread vile on non-state actors, instead of asking for improved security, primary education and healthcare.

It is important that people like you are heard, and it is important that people introspect before pointing fingers.

My condolances to the victims of the explosions. I hope the families of the victims find courage.