Saturday, March 20, 2010

Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Indian Jungle!!!

Maoist rebels in India listen to Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry on their iPod!!!
Rebel wants to establish a communist society in various states in India. Bloody struggle resulted in thousands of deaths.

Armed struggle is the route they follow, they are called revolutionary Marxists, and some call them anarchist and social bandits.

Dawn newspaper shares an interesting story “ Comrade Sukhdev asks if he can download the music from my Ipod into his computer. We listen to a recording of Iqbal Bano singing Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge’ (We will Witness the Day) at the famous concert in Lahore at the height of the repression during the Ziaul Haq years. Fifty thousand people in the audience in that Pakistan begin a defiant chant: Inqilab Zindabad! Inqilab Zindabad! All these years later, that chant reverberates around this forest. Strange, the alliances that get made”.
Here is Faiz's famous poetry Hum Dekhein Gay;

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Favad said...

Wow! Faiz was rightly honored with Lenin prize; his poetry truly transcends boundaries. Imran you forgot to mention that this article was written by Arundhati Roy who herself is a class in her own. I particularly liked a very brief reference to 'advertisements' and their impact on 'brain washing' in her article. Roy has alternate view of development which apparently is popular with anticapitalist lot. She surely makes a lot of sense.