Thursday, March 18, 2010

Middle Class Needs Dictatorship in Pakistan!!!!!

It was warm evening, after tiring day I felt like having coffee but I settled for facebook. I came across an interesting video link, Kamran Khan, Geo TV anchor playing the role of an economist.

He compares inflation, atta, ghee, fuel prices along with dollar, sales tax rate and suicide bombing during Musharraf & Zardari era; through his hypothesis he tries to prove that dictatorship is the only solution.

I was shocked to see our educated middle class on facebook, jumping with slogans such as Jeyee Musharraf, Zindabad (Long Live Musharraf) . It was the height of naivety; the way hollow economic rationale attracts our people

It was funny, under the sun no one bothers to find out the exogenous variables causing the change in prices, no one asks about the reasons behind the inflation.

If that is the case I can take the example of Saddam vs Noori Al Maliki and still prove that a dictator was the best answer. I can also prove that Mullah Omar (Taliba Leader) was the best answer than Karzai using random numbers or indicators!!!!!!! Even I can make Augusto José Ramón Pinochet look Hero through Knit Picking random economic performance indicators.

It is sad to see no one questions that during Musharraf era, thousands of people disappeared, inter provincial rift increased??? Compare Balochistan & NWFP before Musharraf and during his tenure!!!!

Energy prices have contributed a lot to inflation, prices gone four fold, what was Musharraf's energy investment?? No one questions that his lack of planning affected Pakistan!!!

Everyone has forgotten what he did with judiciary and the way Steel Mill plundering was planned? Geo TV cites stock market, ugh, stock market….that was a bubble, I fail to understand, why these anchors play around with areas they do not know anything about i.e., Economics.

I won’t be shocked to see Kamran Khan doing an analysis on genetic decoding & social influence!!!! or may be on Kinetic Engineering !!!!!! I wonder how come these anchors manage to talk about the cockroach skin problems to politics and genetic sciences.

Has anyone compared the powers of military vs democracy (glorified municipality) to influence the course of events in Pakistan? Read famous books, Military Inc and also Military & Mosque.

I would still say, let people vote him out instead of finding quick middle class solutions; else we need to declare that let men in Boots decide the fate of 180 million people.

No wonder our middle class follows Zaid Hamid (an extremists in modern attires, with hollow slogans, to turn Pakistan into a caliphate)!!!!!
(My friend Jawaid wrote an interesting blog on same topic, worth reading)

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