Monday, February 15, 2010

Elite Business School Gone Anti American!!!!

It was cold night at my Business School dorm in Lahore, thunder, lightening and rain struck the campus but my thoughts were focused on one question “the wave of anti American sentiments across the campus”.

On campus divide between teaching fraternities was evident on the basis of religious & liberal ideals. It is general belief that elite business schools in Pakistan are anti Taliban & they have better understanding of US , West & contemporary political dynamics. Lately I was surprised to see a protest organized by right wing religious party in downtown Lahore for the release of Dr Afia “ lately convicted by an American court”, scores of student of elite business schools participated , chanting anti American slogans along with Jamaat E Islami “ right wing political party” workers.

I am not questioning or taking sides as far as Dr Afia issue is concerned, to me it is worrisome to see elite business school students shoulder to shoulder with the workers of right wing organization. One may agree that it is easier to influence illiterate poor madresaah “religious seminary” students but lament to see educated middle class esp. elite business school students are being influenced by religious right & Imran Khan “an anti west leader of Pakistan Tehreik E Insaf, however married to a rich British girl & lived most of his life in London”.

Today, number of educated youth inspired by an extremist Islamic caliphate revivalist TV anchor Mr Zahid Hamid.
I believed that in Pakistan, middle class is change agent but they are falling pray to Islamic apologetic rhetoric and being inspired by Military & religious right.

I literally am into deep thoughts & fail to find answers to questions, does right wing politics provide answers or solutions to these elite youth or provide a vision or direction about future. Similarly most of the young pop singers have gone apologetic, pro Taliban & ironically they have influence over our youth.

During my recent US IVLP trip & interactions in US I got the feeling that US State Department wants to reach out to Muslims through dialogue & cultural interaction. Obamas Cairo speech and recent Farah Pandith visit, "USs newly appointed Special Representative for Muslim Communities” convinced us that US is interested in reaching out to Muslim world & serious in addressing the issue of extremism.

It is high time for US to reach out to middle class youth in Pakistan; to me they are unconsciously falling pray to extremists. Middle class may not wage war but moral support & anti American feelings may strengthen the case of religious right.

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moetesum said...

Imran how does extremism spreads or what is the root cause?
Any guess who made use of the first Suicide Bomber try exploring and you would realize that its roots donot end up in Muslim countries?
Have you seen Afghanistan in mid 60's just see the pics and just see how the successive elected regimes were brought down?
Who brought Afghanistan to its present state?
Why Kerry had to go to visit COAS first and then to elected representatives?
Imran why Obama has gone Ballistic incase of supplying arms to Taiwan which he kept under carpet for long and now expects China's support on Iran, do you think China would help US or Iran?
I just met few US nationals a month ago here on business trip and I was also shocked to hear how they now start thinking on the conspiracy theories about 9/11 which they did not believe?
if Iraq war was a failure ans a wrong decision then what about those killed (Muslims) and how freely the architects of war Donald and Paul are roaming freely?
Would recent EU countries hearing into how wrong the war in Iraq was ease the extremism?
The question is of chicken and egg?
Do you like to live on the edge and be an extremist or u would prefer to be in the right path?

These all things are a classical tools used by people who wish to dominate to their best use and when its the Muslims who have brought this crap to their door then extremism does not spread because of lack of education or health.....

drone attacks stats 700 plus killed for 12 top eliminated (collateral damage) will it help in this fight or fuel further......

For me US govt not people are insulting in their approach of handling the affairs. I am not extremist but yes when it comes to insulting me, my country and foremost my religion then its something that I would stand up to.