Sunday, October 24, 2010

Karachi; From Jamshid Nusserwanjee Mehta to Gangster Politics!!!!

Jamshid; an elected Mayor of Karachi for 12 consecutive years is known as the “Maker of Modern Karachi”. In comparison, today anyone attached with Karachi municipality is geared up to loot and destroy more than build. Political organizations leading the municipality affairs spend a fraction of budget to show off development and they get away with rest of the money, use gangsters, drug dealers, and land grabbers to further their loot and plunder.

Today, an ordinary citizen feels hostage in Jamshid’s city, their voice is silenced in the roar of guns. A city known for religious and ethnic harmony has plunged into ethno religious divide. Beautiful streets of Karachi tell tales of bloody combat, bullets, pain and cry.

Jamshid was the most wanted man, the most sought after person and everyone wanted him as guest at any function in Karachi. People believe that whenever they came in contact with him they instantly felt the strength of his character and he was not an ordinary soul.

A men known for serving Karachi, his selfishness played an important role in public life. He was one of the noblest sons of Sind and alas today we miss him more than over 60 years ago.

Famous writers believe that “The broad roads, beautiful parks, schools, hospitals, maternity homes, good sanitation, homes for the poor and other civic amenities which the citizens of Karachi enjoyed in those days were the result of the untiring efforts and dedicated Service of this great man. When the municipal history of Karachi is written, one of its most outstanding features will be the remarkable efficiency with which Jamshid faced every situation. It was he more than any other person who gave Karachi its character as the cleanest and best administered city in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-continent”.

In politics, Jamshid used to go to person to person and beg for votes. Today many candidates give all sorts of promises and use fair or foul to get elected but Jamshed did not give any promise or undertaking. On contrary he used to extract a promise from his helpers that they would remain absolutely fair under all circumstances.

His politics was all about social service, charity and self sacrifice and many writers mention that he was a millionaire but lived like modest and humble man. Today most of the political or not political charities are propagated through a well orchestrated media campaign but Jamshid’s charities were silent and private. Astonishingly after his death world came to know through his private secretary that he gave away USD 1.6 million at that time and no one knew about it.

In short a famous man said, "Jamshid was one of the finest men I have ever met. A terrific worker, a wonderful organizer, a great giver and a most humble man. He was conscientious and deeply religious, and as straight as a die. If only we had more men of his character today, Sind would be a different place".

Jamshid, Karachi misses you and I am sure you won’t be able to stop your tears when you see your beloved Karachi torn apart by political vultures, gangsters, drug peddlers, land grabbers.

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Tanzeel said...

Karachi's demographics have drastically changed after Jamshed, I wonder what makes you compare Karachi of today with what we had in Jamsheds era.