Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crazy New Year Celebrations in Pakistan!!!

New Year’s Eve is all about celebration, parties and social gatherings. Whole world welcomes it with breathtaking fire work. Pakistani’s celebrate it with indiscriminate and random aerial firing, creating harassment, fear and resulting in injuring over 50 to 100 people. Youngsters march towards beach, display careless biking skills, harasses families esp. when they see women creature.

The other day I saw it on TV, Sydney Municipal Corporation hosts over 2 million people for firework display that lasted from 15 to 25 minutes followed by music shows on several stages throughout the beach. Imagine over 2 million people, how much revenue and positive image Sydney gets.

Forget about first world countries, lets look at Brazil, Rio beach hosts performance of popular bands and samba school. Over 2 million people thronged to the beach, over 28,000 hotel rooms occupied. One could imagine the amount of revenue this event generates for the city; it is an ideal time to position RIO on world map before Olympic Game in Brazil.

Oh I forgot, Pakistan and our Muslim population has problem with Christian holidays our Mujahid on the roads have issues if people celebrate it.

Well fine, if we look at Muslim holidays, the way we celebrate UGH let me read a news report it says Town Admn imposed complete ban on fire crackers to be used for fire works on Shab e Baraat, in order to safeguard public life and property and to maintain general peace.

The way we celebrate without realizing how much our celebration may cause inconvenience for others.

At times I think only socially illiterate societies are engulfed with Cheapness!!!!

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