Saturday, March 20, 2010

India, Pakistan; You Don’t Deserve Heroes???

Why South Asian heroes are thrown out by own society? Be it Abdul Salam or famous Indian artist MF Hussain.

At times one question haunts me, does South Asian society deserve heroes?

Lately I came across news that MF Husain is contemplating Qatari nationality, he is no longer an Indian citizen.

It is sad to see India’s the most celebrated artist hounded out and everyone looked silently and it was all in the name of religion.

If one remembers, 13 years ago Hindu hardliners attacked his painting of nude goddesses; well India is a secular country but fails to protect the most famous artists.

Case of Sachin Tendulkar is also well known, the way extremist right wing Shive Sena threatened him.

Abdus Salam, one and only Pakistani Nobel laureate, bullied and made an outcast on the basis of religious belief.

Will South Asian society ever emerge as progressive global society without defeating the right wing narrow minded religious extremists in India and Pakistan????

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