Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tour De Sindh….Truly Mystic

I love reading about cultures and enjoy the cultural monuments. Today, I had an opportunity to see Sindhi national game, Malakharo, it is response to Punjab’s Kabadi and similar to Japanese SUMO.

It is a wrestling in Sindhi style, Sindh loves sufi saints and every year Sufi Urs ‘birthday’ is celebrated with Malakharo, feast and Qawali and mystic festival at Sufi Shrines.

The Malakharo is wrestle between two opponents; both try to topple the opponent on the ground, showing the power and tricks. When a Malh “person who plays Malakharo” wins he gets the reward from guest as well as crowd.

After Malakharo, everyone gathers at the shrine to pay homage to saint. Qawali, Mystic music along with Dhamal takes over the night…..

It is fun experiencing the Sindhi culture in the suburban town of Karachi. A good respite from the hectic material life of Karachi.

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irum khan said...

Yes i like this
every city has its own traditions and customs