Sunday, June 1, 2008

Captivating Peeru’s …Am Missing Lahore

I remember during my last visit to Raiwand Road Lahore, I made a brief stop over at Peeru’s Puppetry Museum & Café. I loved the idea ‘originated by Usman & Samina Peerzada’, Peeru’s a place 25km away from main city, surrounded by green farmland, cool atmospheres and delicious BBQ food. Music shows are also frequent features, to me it is Lahore’s Arabian Sea Country Club.

Amazing puppets from all over the world, simply makes the place unique and different. I find Lahore, place, people, and food way too different from Karachi. Lahore is inviting, appealing yet my friends term Lahore a Punjabi city, they do not like ethno-centric towns… me it is very dear and tempting.

I wish I were part of recent thrilling music show at Peeru’s , came to know that bands such as MHB, EP, Rubber Band, Overload, Lemon Fuzz, Jal, Ali Zafar and Noori showed enthralling performances.

I wish I were there… missing Lahore :-(

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