Monday, June 23, 2008

Edhi on Begging Mission in Balochistan, Why?????

I was sad to see so called philanthropist Edhi, sitting on the streets of Queeta on a begging mission to generate funds to run his charity. I have no issue the way he is running his charity, he has love for human being, he even goes all the way to Lebanon to help affected Muslims, be it Kashmir or Palestine, Edhi is always on forefront.

I lament saying that recently Pakistan air force bombing resulted in internal displacement of over 100,000 men and women across Balochistan. Families are living a helpless life, no food and safe drinking water. Kids having filthy water and resulting in kidney failures.

There are scores of international relief call across globe by leading global organizations.

I just want to ask, where is EDHI when men and women displaced across Balochistan, they are shelter less, no food and no water…..if Edhi can go to Lebanon why cold attitude toward innocent people of Balochistan who are facing the military wrath of Pakistan army.
Our friends even contacted Edhi for relief effort but deaf and blind if people of Balochistan are not come Edhi is on begging mission in Balochistan??????

I am also sad that so called Pakistani educated people are blind to international reports who are crying that Balochistan is facing the worst state terror. I feel sad when people call defending Balochis a terror group.

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Anonymous said...

Edhi tried to go to Baluchistan but the army told him he better stay out I should know I talked with Faisal Edhi on this situation and he said he even tried to get Oxfam but the Pakistani army said that the displaced people were terrorists and they didn't need help as Pakistan will "Take care of them"