Monday, June 16, 2008

Going Italiano after Tokyo Drift

After adding eight kg weight, my friend John is running after me to put on more weight. Trick is simple; he wants me to try exotic global food more often.

Tonight we tried Japanese cum Italiano food, where else of course at Kozmo. I have already become die hard fan of thin crust cheesy Pizza, I tried Margarita Pizza with olive, chicken mushroom. You know what, I have become a big Paitooooo :P, believe you me, i had 8 pieces of regular pizza all alone along with appetizer.

Ufff so filling, thanks to 7 up with lime, I was envious to see foreigners enjoying their meal with chilled beer. John could get a chilled beer for me but for that he wants me to try Korean food...John, that is unfair :-(

John has become exotic he went ahead with Sashimi, Shaki sashimi prawns and abe maki sarada…whatever…..but I saw him enjoying his meal with soy and wasabi sauce and Japanese ginger.

But let me share, this was the yummiest pizza I have ever had, the best part was, we went inside the kitchen to ask the chef to make it in front of us and we also took some photos.

Wow, good thing is, we are making every bit of dine out a memorable experience…..dude it costs but worth it.

Aren’t you feeling hungry after reading my yummiest food talk;-)

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