Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey Japanese Speed Up Bathing to Save Energy & Mass Bath in Lahore Canal

Speedier family baths could help Japanese cut their burgeoning energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Japanese households consume less energy than their US and European counterparts, but consumption has been sharply increasing.

Families should not only shorten their daily showers by a minute — a common recommendation in the West — but should try to take baths in quick succession,.

I was just wondering in Pakistani context, we do not have energy, what to save…no energy means no water….it means on average low per day per person bathing rate….wow….thanks to our government load shedding leading to energy saving and no water leads to water saving….

In Lahore, people along with buffaloes take mass bath in canal......we as a nation conserve water and energy.

How creative we are !


madz said...

one thing is missing in the pic.buffalo...hehe..but gud one...really enjoy ur article..something gud and HATT-KE...very refreshing...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for liking my blog....

I wish someone sends me buffaloes pic to post it on blog. But dont have any.