Sunday, June 1, 2008

Aitebaar; Zeb & Hania’s Cool & Fresh Rhythm….Mature Broken Relationship

I have always found Zeb & Hania’s voice fresh, modern and cool and I am excited to hear that their first album is being released with the title song Aitebaar. I have high hopes for the song because it’s directed by famous and creative Saqib Malik, hair and make up done by Tariq Amin and wardrobe by Deepak Parwarni.

Another reason I am waiting for Aitebaar is because it is a song about a relationship ending in a very mature way. Here is somebody who is reconciled to the fact that it is over and they are at peace with themselves. They can now think back in retrospect and deal with it in a very different way.

Zeb and Hania in black dress with light make up and light rustic stone jewelry look so cool. Let’s see, what Saqib is displaying, because video is shot at his old family house.

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