Sunday, June 8, 2008

“Stupid…..For Education, Go to China, Africa……. But Not Faisalabad”

I was stunned to read the news that 23 students of Punjab Medical College Faisalabad were kicked out from College because there were Ahmedis/ Qadiani. Out of 23, about 15 were girls and college alleged them of preaching their religious views in medical college.

Let me ask few questions to our fellow SUPER HUMAN BEING ‘MUSLIMS’;

Well, if Ahmedis were preaching their religious view…fine…is the Muslims belief in Faisalabad so weak that anyone can convert them. We are talking about professional Muslim students in a medical college. It did not happen somewhere in a small town in Jhang or in Daska or in Cheecho Ki Malyan or in Changa Managa.
Why our Pakistani brand of Islam force people in a large city like Faisalabad to treat people like SHOODAR ‘untouchable’ because of their belief.

If Prophet Muhammad ‘PBUH’ could get into truce with Christians and Jews and sign the Madina Pact to guarantee a peaceful neighborhood, irrespective of religious belief. Is Faisalabadi brand of Islam different from that of Arabia?

Pakistani poor population suffers from basic medical facilities and per capita doctors is the lowest in the region. Can we afford if 23 professionals kicked out in the middle. Who will suffer???

How hard it is to get into medical college and to stay there and spend years for a future….it is painful to be kicked out in the middle and it results in shattered dreams. Be civilized and humane please.

If this is how things should be, then we Pakistani should not have any right to get into US or European universities for higher education because we have different religious views that of US and European Christians. And also if any Pakistani offers prayer in the Western Countries then they should be jailed, put behind the bars!!!!! Shouldn’t they?

For God sake leave aside the politics and think like a civilized society. Enough of the use, abuse and misuse of religion and please do not confuse people with vague religious moral policing.


Anonymous said...

It appears from news reports that it was a Mullah instigated persecution of the Ahmadi students;

No entry for clerics: Health Additional Secretary Saeed Nawaz told Daily Times that a meeting would be held with the PMC principal on the issue. He said that the department was sympathetic to Ahmadi students. He said that local cleric should not address students in college mosques.[/Quote]

...and also

He alleged that the boarders, with the consent of hostel wardens, forced 15 students – 11 girls and five boys –to leave the hostels at 4am on June 4. He alleged that on June 5, a mob of 300 college students had barged into Ahmadi students’ rooms, beat them and threw their luggage out of their rooms. He alleged that the boarders also stole valuables of Ahmadi students. He said that the PMC principal had also ordered the Ahmadi students to return home till the matter cooled down.[/Quote]

Tamoor said...

Dear Friends,

Actual problem is that anyone how said prayer for five time and have bared on his face thinks that he is true Muslim and nothing else. What ever he do bad or worst is right for him and think that Allah Forgive him on Domes day , but it is not true please recall the poem “ABU BIN ADAM” the true teaching of Islam the most peaceful religion on the earth. Please make you mind more and more broad and if you people think that Ahmedi’s are wrong and due to this it is your right to kill them and get thrown out from our society it is not right as Muslim. If our behavior is that and how we convert the people in to true Muslim, because non Muslim think that how bad Muslim’s are that they have no tolerance to listen other religious point of view and confident that all people are wrong without researching or listening the other people point of view. I read the book “100 Personalities of the work” Mohammad PBUH is on top only due to his tolerance. Please realize things because due to these kind of deeds Muslim consider the most worst and dangerous version of human being on the earth.

Tamoor said...

Book Name is
"100 Personalities"
Typo error sorry for that