Monday, April 7, 2008

Why women do not prefer ‘gentlemen’!!!

Japanese are one of the politest people on the earth but it was strange to find out that women do not prefer gentlemen, was little surprising to me!!

Women are complaining, hey guys take you chivalry, it is not wanted. Was surprised to read Japan Times that, disgust expressed by a 20 year old women as she recalls a man offering her his seat on a crowded train puts it in a sour nutshell: "What's he think I am — pregnant?"

Another woman complains that “It was our first date, and every time we got into the car,", "he'd hold the door opens for me. Why all the fuss? Surely once is enough!"

Some of the women even think that enough is enough; kindness pushed to extremes oppresses more than it soothes.

A 22 year old student recalls "Once I got sick at my boyfriend's house,", “I'm in the toilet throwing up, and he's standing right outside the door: 'Are you OK? Are you all right?' Well, no, I'm not OK, since I'm throwing up! I do appreciate his concern, but can't he let me puke in peace?"

I wonder how Pakistani women be thinking! Guess Pakistani men are smart enough to not to push extremes on kindness!!

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Tazeen said...

I dont know about Japs but we still prefer gentlemen, any given day.