Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shahi Qila, Mughal Aaraam Gaah, Pamela Anderson & Durex

Last week, i had hectic business trip to Lahore and Faisalabad; in last few days, one of my foreign colleagues also joined the trip. Before departing to Karachi, we had few hours, and thought of exploring the historical Lahore.

A few nights before, we had an opportunity to have dinner at Cuckoos Den located in the Red Light Area of Lahore, it reminded me of the Japanese party area called Roppongi.View of historical Lahore is really awesome from the restaurant rooftop, when I looked around, I found Badshahi mosque, a Sikh Temple and Fort along with the historical red light area.

It made me wonder about fascinating architecture and religious harmony.

My colleague cum friend was truly infatuated with Lahore; however, I have already fallen in love with the city. She was amazed to see the infrastructure change in few years, it was different city altogether, her last visit was six years ago. I explained her that it is because of unfair fiscal revenue disbursement formula on the basis of population; most of the revenue generated by Karachi and resources utilized in Balochistan goes to the populated province of Punjab. Thanks to Karachi tax payers money, the beautification of Lahore was made possible….hmmm am not brining the provincial biases here, am i????

Our visit to old Lahore was fun; we were fascinated to see the fort, imagining the 17th century life. Visit truly took us back to the old Mughal movies, Akbar, Shahjahan, Anar Kali, Nezza, Teer Kaman, Hathi, Harem, Dewan E Khas o Aam, Shesh Mahal etc.

Rich tradition of Mughal architecture always fascinate me, but during the visit I felt deep down sadness, because such a historical asset (Sheesh Mahal, Alamgiri Gate, Naulakha pavilion, and Moti Masjid) are neglected, even a small Senso Ji Temple in Japan attracts thousands of people and adds to revenue. Historical painting or murals along with precious gems are in shabby condition, stupid people sleeping all around, and a billion dollar asset simply turned into a garbage yard.

My friend convinced me that it is the mindset on the top that does not understand the worth, however these same people in Dubai, follow the rules.

Our depressing visit was turned funny, when our tour guide took us to many many bedrooms AARAM Gah/Khawabgah of Emperor Jahangir. We started thinking that dude used to sleep all around, he built nothing but many many bedrooms. Of course, to sleep with many wives and kaneez, I guess he was working hard to increase the mughal generation. These guys were oversexed, hobby was to build houses, eat, sleep and have sex.

There was a Lady Fort Wing, only women were allowed, but emperor had a bedroom, with an awesome view of lady Jacuzzi (Hammam)…
We were fused with one week business talks, we started thinking from the business perspective, we wondered if durex condom manufactures were present during that era….say if factory was located where present day Menar E Pakistan is built….i guess they could have generated a lot of business and For LUMS MBAs dream job could have been “Marketing Manager” Viagra Division. Oh God, company could have generated a lot of revenue and of course employees would also have enjoyed 100s of annul bonuses heheh.

I also thought of Pamela Anderson, if she were born in walled city of Lahore, she could have been one of the most famous Kaneez “fort female workers”. When we saw stairs going to the basement, there was no support or safety railing, I read that emperor used to ask kaneez to stand on stair steps on the both side and he used to hold the Bo**s to come out of basement bedrooms. Pamela could have been the best Kaneez, emperor could have got the best grab and awesome sensual support. Hehehe.

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