Friday, April 4, 2008

Falling in Love with Perreo Dance

Dance is a form of expression, the feelings communicated by the body…. Perreo dance is not unknown to Cuban and Puerto Rican but in our society many may raise their eyebrow to Grinding Dance.

Historically, this type of dancing was also the first type of back to front aka (Cheek to crotch) dancing that was seen in Cuba. With focus on pelvic thrusts from both parties.

I love it because; it is a rare form of dance in which the woman takes the lead. This idea was appealing to some woman, placing them in charge of the sensual experience for both parties who take place in this exotic expression of self.

Perreo has been seen as a departure from classical from front-to-front dancing (salsa etc.) to back (woman) to front (man) dancing.

Some dancers argue that this puts women in control…but whole experience of PERREO CHACALONERO!DIRTY DANCING rocks.

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