Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost in Chaos

Living in a society with non conformist views requires a lot of courage. Knee jerk reactions to non confirming thoughts especially in our society are common. Religion and sex dominates the value system, creating lots of subliminal chaos and weird artificial interaction leading to suppression of natural behavior, as a result, it develops a society with fake behavioral balance sheet.

Our society feels and looks beautiful vis a vis ugly western world. Hypocrisy, violence against women, male chauvinism, gender biases, unethical behavior always gets a social as well as moral cover rather gets a make up with extreme make over to hide the unwanted ugly spots.

At times, skeptics feel lost in social chaos, but yet they struggle and try to live and follow natural course of behavior with strong value systems…….they also try to find small little oasis to breath in social suffocating chaos.

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