Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Camel Beauty Contest in Abu Dhabi

Big Booty Liza, Slim Cinderella, Big Busty Tall, Cute Smiling Nancy

Respect and animal beauty was the theme of the contest so that younger generation could understand the value and respect for animals.

After reading the text in Khaleej Times, I started thinking; in Pakistan we do not treat humans with respect what to talk of animals!
Anyways, the United Arab Emirates has held its first national beauty contest for camels with a prize fond of about $27,000 (Rs 1.7 mill) and various trophies for winners.
Organizers believe that, the aim is to mark the respect and love the UAE have for the camel. Camel was the best companion during the pre-oil era, and the competition in Abu Dhabi would help to pass that feeling of respect to the younger generation.

The contest was held in four categories - adults, individuals, under 2 years and the camel studs, with two winners each pocketing top prize of almost $2,000.

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