Saturday, April 5, 2008

No sex, thank you ... we're Japanese

Last month I happened to be in Japan “not on a study tour to conduct a research on Japanese sexual behavior” J it was a business trip.

It was surprising to discover that Japanese salary men are over worked, over stressed and under-sexed. I came to know the Japanese men ordeal through Asahi Shimbun ‘famous newspaper’

Long hours of working can result in sexless marriage ….

According to a new report by the World Health Organisation, a quarter of married couples in Japan have not had sex in the past year. The problem worsens with age.

The Japan Society of Sexual Science deems a marriage 'sexless' when a couple go for a month or more without having sex and does not expect the situation to improve.

People trapped in sexless marriages blame long working hours, a claim backed up by global surveys of sexual activity conducted by Durex. According to the condom maker, Japanese couples have sex 45 times a year, well below the global average of 103 times.

Can you guys imagine just 45 times sex in a year? Isn’t the charm of sex lost in tiny Japanese island as compared to oversexed Pakistani society?

According to one study a fifth of Japanese husbands say they are bored with intercourse, while about 15 per cent say they are simply too tired. A similar proportion of women agree that the spark has gone out of their love lives, although fewer than one in 10 blames their lover's poor performance in bed.

Pakistani population is growing so fast that its going to be among the top most populous countries of the world, at least in something we would be competing with the world. Thanks to poor guys in village, working day and night for the country.

I guess in future Durex can find a good market in Pakistan, provided it changes positioning to low price and low quality products and introduces innovative flavored products for rural population to experiment.


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