Monday, April 7, 2008

Intellectual Masturbation

Hey guys I am not talking about usual masturbation that 99% of normal guys do, either during shower or in bed.

Over here, I am talking about another kind of masturbation that is called mental masturbation it is “the act of engaging in impractical/nonproductive mental exercise/thinkings/writin gs through which a practitioner only comforts oneself mentally. Such acts don't lead to any constructive results what so ever in the real world; some might even imagine oneself being transformed into superman, or simply the opposite sex, etc.In short, it's just bs/crap”.

These days so called enlightened, moderate sitting in drawing room, Jacuzzi or at coffee shops just talking big ideas or thoughts, most thoughts lack the context and background, just engage into superficial intellectual discourse.

It seems a non productive exercise with no base, just dwelling in the world of imagination, for self gratification. Masturbation could be the analogy to use for these so called pseudo intellectuals, self enjoyment for mental orgasmic thrust.

To me these so called intellectual sounds like mind wankers, mind masturbators.

They are such a queer; they stain me by their Intellectual Jizz!!!

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