Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Polo Lounge Food, Lums Graduate, Flag is Up Farm

Whenever i get fed up with studies, serenity and awesome food at Polo Lounge in Lahore energizes my vigor....its awesome to see horses and complete green calm in the middle of Lahore...simply great..

It is an amazing idea or brainchild of LUMS graduate Hina Khar and Asma Ramday....

To me Polo Lounge is a palate pleaser.

This is a place for people with discerning taste who can appreciate good quality food and (upscale) environment.” Not unexpectedly, the lounge is a regular haunt for polo players and socialites.

Whenever i go i always fall for dishes some of my favorites are ;

The saddle prawn, Stuffed chicken and the avocado and jocca cottage cheese salad (avocadoes, fresh button mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, cottage cheese in Italian vinaigrette on a bed of Iceberg lettuce topped with jocca cottage and parmesan) .

Steaks are another hot seller. The carpetbag steak (classic fillet of beef stuffed with shitake mushrooms, onions and cheddar cheese served with béarnaise sauce)

The décor is just as delicious as food,the floor is dark mahogany and the bar a deep burgundy. Whole feel is simply comfy and cozy.

More i go more i miss the food....

This week there has been alot of talk about horses, i was surprised to hear the discussion in my LUMS class regarding the Flag is Up Farm "MAN WHO LISTENS TO THE HORSES (Top Corporate Executives Trained at the Horse Farm simply amazing) ...it is amazing to see the demo how a person communicates with wild horses and friendly body language breaks the horse and brings the intimate connection.....we humans simply forget the non verbal bodily gestures in our day to day connections with family and friends.

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