Sunday, August 2, 2009

Burnt Alive; Simply Barbaric!!! Aaah Image of Pakistan!!!

Six Christians burnt alive in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Such news depicts a picture, only few words come in my mind, mind-boggling and simply barbaric.

Lately, I had been discussing with my Pakistani friends about the image of Pakistan in the minds of my foreign friends. I was trying to portray or share the true picture of progressive society of Pakistan, which is unfortunately not reported in foreign media.

Such sad incidents make me and my friends helpless in carving an image which is progressive “still largely is”.

Well, as per media reports “Six Christians have been killed in religious unrest in Pakistan's central Punjab, after days of tension sparked by the rumored desecration of a Koran”. The four women, a man and a child died as Muslim militants set fire to Christian houses in the town of Gojra, officials said.

TV footage showed burning houses and streets strewn with debris as people fired at each other from rooftops. Officials said the rumors which led to the unrest were false.

Desecration of any religious script is not acceptable but burning people alive on the basis of false rumor is simply mind-boggling and barbaric!!!!!

Neither Islam nor progressive Pakistani society justifies such acts.


Karachi Hotels said...

I guess people here believe more in rumors and most of the time act instantly, without realizing the fact that these rumors might be wrong. I found your blog quite informative, keep up the good work.

Imran Baloch said...

Hey thanks alot for the feedback.


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