Friday, August 14, 2009

Pakistan; Story of a Confused Person!!!!

Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a story of an old man, after living over 60 years still trying to find out the real identity. Old enough to stand, suffering from various diseases, yet, not sure either he is a Muslim, an Arab Descendent, an Indus Men, a Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan or Baloch!!!! At times he needs religion “Objective Resolution of early 1950s” to justify his existence to attach himself with Muslim Ummah.

Barrister Aitazaz Ahsan tries to address the issues of Pakistani identity in his book “The Indus Saga and The Making of Pakistan”. He raises following questions;

“Is the Pakistani an Arab? Or an Indian? Or something of both? Or neither? Are his origins entirely central Asian? What influence has he imbibed from Persia? How is he different from the Europeans who ruled him for almost one hundred years? Does he have a distinct personality or culture of his own? If so, for how long has he had this distinctiveness? Was it first created by the Partition of the sub-continent in August 1947, or did it pre-exist the Partition of 1947?'

Text books justify the birth of the old man “Pakistan” on the basis of Two Nations Theory, Muslim and Hindus are two different nations with different outlook. However, two nations theory has already been buried when genocide took place in East Pakistan. Innocent Muslim Bengalis were massacred !!!!!!

Whenever I discuss with my corporate 'zombies' friends, neither they understand the background , the essence of independence nor they understand the dynamics of socio-political problems. Neither they read, know the historical facts nor they try to understand , see the big picture. Level of intellect is simply restricted to low quality sensational political talk shows. I doubt anyone reads the dawn editorials !!!!

After over 60 years, people are convinced that we are still facing external threats i.e., India or at large Israel and always rely on Messiah i.e., Pakistan Army to ensure security and we end up choosing guns instead of butter (i.e., spending more on defense than development)

Today’s problems are deeply internal than external, if Pakistan is mired with problems, most of them have been created by us, some by others but we have to solve them.
Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, the author of Military Inc, believes that we have to solve our problems before they become chronic. We have potential, but so do Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda !!!!

I share the same argument with my friends that stop believing that Pakistan is the victim of conspiracy theory rather rely on reasoning and analyzing the facts. We as nation always end up accusing everybody else for our own misfortunes.

Today is the Independence Day of Pakistan but a black day is being observed in Balochistan. Dr Siddiqa believes that “there was an insurgency in Balochistan that had resulted from 62 years of nonchalant behavior of the federation towards that province. The problem with us is that we have kingmakers and bureaucrats who do not allow a healthy relationship between the federation and the provinces”

Internal problems are deep enough to shake the foundation of old and confused person, blaming others for ailment is not a remedy.
It is the day to think about underlying internal problems and reflect upon the negligence of over 60 years.

Time is too short to wait for the old person to find cure for ailment about to turn into chronic disease leading to death.

14th August is the day to reflect rather than mindless celebrations.

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Bilal Ahmed said...

True that we are a nation struggling with the idea of being a nation. We have deep rooted problems that need to be addressed. Balochistan is not the only issue at hand, we have issues all over the country .. the latest one the idea of north v south punjab. My only concern is that this country has around 10% of educated youth that really understands all this .. however none of us do any practical things to address these. 14th August for me is a date which reminds me of the sacrifices of our elder generations and gives me a reason to hope that once again that small fraction will unite and resolve these issues. I would rate myself among that 10% but when I take that courage is not known and thats the biggest issue facing Pakistan ...