Thursday, August 13, 2009

Balochistan & Pakistan; Relationship Gone Sour !!!

Today i came across an interesting news published in New York Times on 12th August 1947, just two days before the independence of Pakistan.

It was intriguing to note that Balochistan along with Nepal had option to remain independent and both opted for it. However, Balochistan was merged “alleged that it was forceful invasion” on 27th March 1948 with Pakistan.

Here is the news clip;

On 12 August 1947 The New York Times published Pakistan's announcement which read: "Karachi, Aug, 11, 1947 [AP] - Among the congratulatory messages read to the Pakistan assembly today was one from United States Secretary of State George C. Marshall. An announcement from New Dehli said that Kalat, Moslem State in Balochistan, had reached an agreement with Pakistan for a free flow of communication and commerce, and would negotiate for decisions on defense, external affairs and communications. Under the agreement Pakistan recognizes Kalat as an independent, sovereign state with a status different from that of Indian states". [The New York Times, Published: August 12, 1947, Copyright © The New York Times

Baloch accuse Pakistan for invasion, as agreed that they would respect the independence of Balochistan.

Well, it is clear the Balochistan was granted a special status as compared to other states. One may argue, but after the creation of Pakistan, a lot of negligence took place on the part of central government pertaining to the equitable distribution of national income. Balochistan remained the most backward, this lead to political animosity and discomfort towards centere, leading to the militant reaction.

It is the high time that Pakistani state, immediately address the concerns of Balochistan, initiate dialogue and deliver economically on urgent basis. If we do not keep our house in order, others will get an opportunity to exploit.

Confidence building measures is the need of the hour, hope sanity prevails, before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

the reason balochistan is backward in development is not only because of neglect of federal government but also the sardars over there .these sarsdars want to keep te area backward so they dont have to give up power and i hold these people responsible for lack of development in balochistan.these people dunt allow deevlopment on one hand and at the same time accuse and blackmail teh federal government

Imran Baloch said...

Just one question, have you ever been to you know the you know what areas are tribal, what area where middle class live and where is feudalism !!!!

Do you know about the political parties, agenda and about their leadership cadre?

It is lame excuse, blaming sardars, US or at times Israel....

If you dig deep you will find horrific injustices and the ugly face of Pakistani state atrocities.

Give it a thought. Just read independent account, before making any comment.

Can you convince me what Baloch demands are and what is the role of Federal Govt.....did it the context of 1973 constitution ??????

Bilal Ahmed said...

The major issue here is the lack of trust both parties have each other. Balochis don't trust the Pakistan government neither does the government trust the Balochi representatives. The solutions lies in open dialogue between the intellectuals of both sides to create Awareness about the issues at hand. The reality needs to be accepted that despite whatever happened Balochistan is now part of Pakistan and the issues need to be sorted out. There needs to be a formulae that guarantees progress for Balochis accoding to their tradition and customs while also addressing their need to integrate them into the mainstream of Pakistani economy.

Anonymous said...

What has Nepal got to do with the issue of India and Pakistani independance? And since when Britishers were ruling Nepal and granted it independance?

Which story you are reading as history my dear?

aamirbtt said...

Dear Imran Baloch
I am a nationalist Pakistani. I love Baluchistan as do I Pakistan. Baloch are an asset of Pakistan. Like others, I don't want to indulge in debate of who is responsible for the state of affairs of Pakisatn as a whole and Balochistan in particular. Learned youth of Pakistan like you need to come forward and work for propsperity of Pakistan as a whole and for Balochistan in particular.

Imran Baloch said...

Aamir btt,

Thanks for your comment. I agree, we can make a difference.