Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Detained in US; Have Heart Homeland Security !!!

Shah Rukh Khan’s detention at US airport sparked anger among the followers of mega Indian super star. Shah Rukh felt angry and humiliated after he was detained and questioned for couple of hours at Newark Airport in US.

People believe that a mega star had to go through such a hassle because his name is Khan and he is a Muslim. Such thoughts signal the racial and religious discrimination against Muslims.

Obama’s recent speech to Muslims world, calling for new beginning, connecting with positive vigor to fight distrust among Muslims vis a vis US.

Present leadership honestly wants to do away with past policies of Bush Admn, mainly discriminatory in nature towards Muslims.

Lately I came across few movies, New York and other one is Khuda Kay Liye, both critically highlight the discrimination of US security agencies towards Muslims.

One may urge Homeland Security to have heart and support Obama’s vision through removing biases towards Muslims, esp when it comes to airport security.

I found ordinary Americans, very very friendly, 9/11 nightmare is still fresh in their memories but there is hardly any discrimination. Muslims along with other ethnic groups are at leading positions, even in the government.

I have deep love for the country and people; I met amazing American home hospitality dinners, never felt as if I am a Muslim, may face discrimination, but always received with open arms, hugs and kisses.

Shah Rukh’s detention at Newark, reminds me of my flight from Newark to North Carolina, airport security is tight ‘it should be’, it was the only airport I had to go through red zone, but intense security with a smile did not make me feel bad.

I lament Homeland Securitys' attitude towards an Indian mega start due to his name and religion is extremely appalling.

It is time to bury the past and move on with new beginning, it requires an open heart, suspicions need to be buried, and one should understand that every Muslim is not a terrorist.

Hope Obama’s vision translates into action; hope Homeland security understands what it means when Obama was calling Muslims in Egypt.

One of the leading global news agency headquartered in UK (Reuters) also posted my current blog link on the great debate article on its web........ ( go to The incident sparked uproar among Khan’s fans in India, who vented their anger over the Internet and in protest marches) click on hyperlink over the internet.... text


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Liz said...

Americans get treated bad at the airport, but I do feel especially bad when these things happen to people who aren't expecting it and like you said when anything is done with a smile it makes a difference. Mostly in the US there are so many different kinds of people that no one has time to discriminate. That's not to say that it never happens but mostly people are too rushed to bother harassing others. Imran, you have been here and you understand what it is like.