Friday, August 14, 2009

Please, No Scarf & No Swimming in 'Burkini'

Hey, you all have heard about Burkha, you might be wondering what is Burkini, well it is a covered swimming costume designed to spare the blushes of Muslim women worldwide.
Today I came across interesting yet controversial news; it says “A French mother was banned from wearing the three-piece outfit at her local swimming pool”.

First thought came in mind was, Ugh, liberal West is discriminating against Muslim women, later I read that it was banned not due to discrimination but it is simply a hygiene problem. I tend to buy this argument, because even people wearing shorts in the pools are also not allowed.
I still remember my interactions in Hot Jacuzzi, most of the members were not allowed to wear long shorts. I recall, one of my Italian friend raised his eyebrows, when a guy with long shorts sat in Jacuzzi, his response was “Ugh, why everyone washes their dirty laundry in this Jacuzzi”

Well, another issue that was in the media for long, was scarf ban, people thought its discrimination against Muslims. Later I read that French society has bitter past when it comes to religion. They not only banned Scarf but any religious symbol be it Star of David or Christian Cross or Sikh Turban, society in general feels display of religious symbol is against the essence of socio-cultural norm influenced by bitter past.

The intriguing part is that these Muslims are allowed to take their plea to the court and fight it out with convincing argument.

I am not blind follower of western social norms but if I compare western society with Muslims, I find Women are not as repressed in West as in Muslim societies. Just take the case of Pakistan, status of women is ‘in general’ merely a child producing machine.

On the other hand if I look at Saudi Arabia, no other religion is allowed to perform religion in public!!!! yet we criticize west for not ensuring religious freedom.

Don’t raise your eyebrows, let me share, US South, Biblical Belt is very conservative, Churches are all around but grand mosque is also allowed, Muslims are free to follow their religion ‘ agree after 9/11 things have changed’ but in general I found there is Justice and Freedom in west as compared to Muslims World.

Give it a thought !!


Bilal Ahmed said...

Your story tells me of onething that Muslims abroad are trying to come up with ideas atleast to mingle into the Western society. However, I think West, which might be making the right judegements according to their reasoning, is forcing them into getting to the negative side with such bans. Flexibility is required from the West as well if we want this world to be a better place.

Anonymous said...

This shows me that you dont see the sly way of the west, of getting right into the minds of youth, AND at the same time posing all very welcoming and 'equality' and 'justice' practicing in acceptance of practice of other religions in their territories. Furthering point1, MEDIA is the weapon these days my friend. They might have left us figiting with depleted Uranium shells, but they themselves have very slyly and 'carefully' been constantly moving, not towards, but to the zenith of 'controlling and actually ruling over the minds of the youth by now. There are infinite manifestations of this reinforcing my point, all over the prevalent media these days.. Don't be a victim of it, try to be more farsighted than an ordinary man! Hope this will help

Imran Baloch said...

Well, thats what i am saying, we have to have right perspective...we need to understand the reasons behind the ban.....i wont call it forceful or negative. I am raising a question to look deeper at big picture and compare the women rights in west vs muslim societies.

We must respect their culture, so do they...

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