Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank You President Obama

I am glad to hear President Obama’s US-Pak Afghan strategy speech, he is going to triple US economic aid to Pakistan and promise additional troops. I have great respect for American nation esp. the people, friendliest in the American continent. Pakistani people are peace loving, love to see America as partner in all aspects and aspire for long term relationship based on mutual respect .
We agree with Mr. President that al Qaeda and its extremist allies are a cancer that risks killing Pakistan from within and they offers the people of Pakistan nothing but destruction. President is right that that a campaign against extremism will not succeed with bullets or bombs alone. It is also in the interest of Pakistan to demonstrate its commitment to rooting out al Qaeda and the violent extremists within its borders. US and Allies must guarantee or respond to Pakistan’s insecurity in case of deep Indian involvement in Afghanistan.
Peace could only be achieved through ensuring mutual security instead of militaristic threats. I am glad that Mr. President believes that ‘The United States has great respect for the Pakistani people. Pakistan has a rich history, and Pakistanis have struggled against long odds to sustain their democracy. I would like to share that the people of Pakistan want the same things that America want: an end to terror, access to basic services, the opportunity to live their dreams, and the security.
I would be glad to see if countries across region Russia, Iran, China, India along with Pak Afghan are united to defeat the common enemy then a durable peace in the region could be guaranteed and sustained.


moetesum said...

After reading the entire text of the speech of BHO, i donot find any change at all. What we need to understand is that last time, USA left after fighting a war through Pakistan which every Pakistani at that time supported we had anarchy in Afghanistan. The same situation will haunt us again when US will leave after some time still leaving afgahnistan in the lurches of the war lords, whom they have controlled through billion of dollars. What afghanistan requires a genuine representation and its own military and police to rise up to the expectation. Not arming them to match the militants is in itself a half hear ted effort by US and its allies.

Look at both side US has UAV, miniature AV giving tactical picture in area of operations, gunship and fighter support, U-2 spy planes, AWACS and other sensitive electronic surveillance systems 24/7 in the air to get a comprehensive picture of the ground movement on border between Pakistan and Afgahnistan, yet the militants have the luxury to cross the border and when they cross over the whole world is bashing the FC and army. They have they given us plenty like Night Vision Devices for troops and on helicopters, well its not flat area where the poor soldiers of army and neither do we have too many helicopetrs to cover the entire area(TAKING THE BASHING FROM OWN PEOPLE AS WELL AS FROM OTHERS FOR BEING THE ROGUE ELEMENTS. Why they can not give us the UAV and let us monitor too our side of the border and let our paramilitary forces hunt down the militants instead. Its an inhospitable terrain a challenge for the US itself who is armed to its teeth and yet fighting for its own survival along with its allies. latest input form US DOD has requested for more surveillance vehicles and UAV’s for Afghanistan to monitor the border for the new posts created 5 KM from our border. Well i guess the border on their side is more tough and moment it comes to our side its flat and every living creature standing, crawling can be seen with a naked eye. Why can not US admit that the so called money they give is for the services that we render not as an aid.

IF some one can just read the book Confession of an Economic Hit Man, Perkins then one would understand that how the US sweet heart Osama Bin Laden was kept in the lap of US before being dubbed as what he is now. I do not say it its a book from a US national very close to the US administration.

Why is IRAQI police and army still having 9mm weapons and russiona made guns, why they cannot have same high tech equipment as US, iraq is stabilized and US is with drawing with the present state of the iraqi forces with no airborne surveillance aircraft as capable as US, UK and french we will see another Afghanistan.

Its very easy to criticize our own troops and police personnel who are in direct line of fire taking the brunt of flawed US policy since long for which they do not have the moral courage to admit and continue to make it worst. two wrongs do not make a right Mr BHO. STATEMENTS COMING FROM US GENERALS IN DEFENSE MAGAZINES AS “WAR ZONES AS HOT TEST BED FOR NEW US MILITARY HARD WARE” do not appear to give a message of peace and love. US NEEDS TO DO MORE. MR BHO U NEED TO MAKE A POLICY TO CORRECT YOUR PREVIOUS GOVT POLICY TO MAKE WORLD SAFER PLACE. In present i see a bleak future for not only Pakistan but the world at large.

Last is the increasing role given to Indian Army in Afghanistan. If any one thinks that allowing such an act will make the situation less volatile then interference of India in 1970 and subsequently may refresh the wounds which our then ignorant generals and stubborn politicians have collective blood. Pro-India government now and Indian army with over 2 dozen diplomatic missions now sends a wrong message and when it comes to our national security then some tough calls have to be made like US made through invasion of Afghanistan and then a flawed invasion of Iraq, which they made on wrong, fabricated intelligence and misled not only the world but their own people too.

Liz said...

My understanding is that Pakistan is not getting the money for free the way they did with the Bush administration. This time Obama wants real help from the Pakistani people in finding Al-Qaeda. Apparently, they are threatening the U.S. again and that is totally unacceptable.

BTW- Yes, the U.S. did train Osama Bin Laden at one point. Every American knows that, it's nothing new.

Also, if Iran thinks the U.S. will ever renounce Israel they are crazier than we already think they are. :-)

moetesum said...

I favor peace full solution to every problem, i hate war and the killing as mush as you do LIZ, but the question remains that we as citizens of Pakistan have seen the suffering after the sudden departure of US from afghanistan after fighting the war and the suffering is still fresh for us to forget.

To ask for a helping hand from people who have suffered 1800 casualties (paramilitary forces) while the incoming general desig US ambassador to afghanistan that they are rogue elements do not render a helping hand or raises our hopes or lifts our morale sky high.

What i ask is not a blank check from US all we ask is that instead of fighting ur self and making a hell lot of mess train and equip the afghan army and police let them fight. Which you can mark my words will be as ill equipped as the Iraqi Army and police is.

You have to understand our perspective also, its not a matter of US and Allies Versus rest of the world. You have to take the sentiment, culture, religion and the traditions into account before making a call. In the case of US it is the supposition that they know what the best they are doing.

Lastly, liz i have been with US military personnel on the same border, i know how difficult it is for them as it is for us, i have been with them on number of occasion and i admire their professionalism and i still believe that their has to be confidence building between US and Pakistani people for a concrete solution to this menace. We all are sick and tired of this.

Liz said...

Hello moetesum. I'm watching the news tonight and hearing how fragile Pakistan is. What a disaster! Americans are aware that much time will be spent in this region. I'm sure plenty of resources will go into this region, but Obama is tougher than he appears and there will be limits unlike the Bush administration.

All we have heard for the past 8 years is how we have to take the sentiment, culture, religion and the traditions into account. We realize this part of the world is extremely different than the western world. Priorities are totally different. We have also heard much about the terrain in Afghanistan being impossible. I'm sure as this plays out we will have the chance to compare notes here on Imran's blog.

Peace! :)

moetesum said...

I wish things turn out the way the new US president says so, but the irony is that non of us learn from our history, we learned nothing when we went ur way and aided them in jihad in the first place and since then we are going with them and against them to meet our collective objectives till 9/11.

I mean all of us have confirmed reports that we have fighters from UZBEKISTAN and arbas, yet its Pakistan that gets the bashing and the arabs they live a splendid life as ur strategic stakes are very high with them, flexing muscle their might have repercussions, for us i guess its either your way or highway........

Yet the rogue elemenst fighting ur forces come from CA countries, yet since the US has a strategic interest and you need bases so uzbekistan is fine.......

See its the double standards that your government applies on every thing, see the fighter caught he is from same place those killed by drones are maximum arabs, so from do they come, they cross borders, so is the securing of borders our responsibility only or a collective effort.

I know you people are very sensitive to our culture and traditions, i know u have waited a lot with patients when your ex president whom you voted twice to be ur president waged war in iraq for these idiots to re-group here to make a mess of my country.

See i love my country as much as you love US. Constant interference will not give any result.

Its just discussion, i mean nto to offend you or make any negative remarks, its just that we are facing wrath of war on terror more then any one else in the entire world, yet instead on words of encouragement all we get is negative remarks .............