Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sensationalized Pakistani Media is Manufacturing Consent

Pakistani news media is one of the best prime time entertainment and anchors are celebrities. It seems everyone is so focused as if media is fighting the battle for the future of Pakistan. They are making people news hungry, sharing breaking news every second and every minute.

When I look at the anchors and their discussions, it seems they are forcing their or someone’s agenda on poor viewers, everyone is trying to sell their views, adding spice to make it more saleable. Everyone seems to be manufacturing consent as per their specifications.

On the one side, I feel, media sells anything which is in demand, I question, does sensational minute by minute news is in demand, that’s what general people want to see….may be…or select few big media houses are there to manufacture consent who so ever pays the highest bid.

At times I questions, freedom is good for democratic society and progress but that’s what freedom is all about, what we see in media.

May be immaturity and learning curve is going to lead to maturity, time will tell but at this sensitive juncture media should play a responsible role.

At least to me most of the media houses, except few, are acting like tabloids such as SUN Newspaper UK or FOX TV.

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Ubaid Shad said...

Yes Imran, I agree with you. Electronic media in pakistan has added more to the already sensationalized journalism.We have been compelled to watch what we actually do not want.