Sunday, March 15, 2009

“Idealism Collides with Realism on the Streets of Pakistan”

Idealism seems to be the baby of nationalists, chaos and uncertainties favors them to combat realists. Well, to me realists are the ones who think that Pakistan has to move forward with the world, get along with changing regional geo political dynamics. To be an active partner in war on terror, support NATO forces in Afghanistan, be friend with India, avoid any direct support to Taliban.

Well on the other side the Idealists, do not agree any kind of active support on war on terror, Indo-Afghan policies are also extreme, they believe on the capability of nuclear warheads the country possesses. These are joined by right wingers to retired armed personnel. Lawyers’ moment is just an issue used to pressurize the present day government, to destabilize so that greater regional agenda could not be implemented.

Such direct confrontation does not favor any; it is not at all a good omen to set scores on streets through chaos. Parliament is there, if any Tom Dick and Harry gather 100,000 protestors in Islamabad to topple government then I guess every month we may get to see such topples. I argue that let the democracy mature, let one party complete the tenure, so that evolution could take place.

Media also seems to be playing an immature role through constant sensationalized news, making people news hungry minute by minute.

We are at the juncture of history where we have to make tough decisions,

1) Should sustained democracy be allowed to function or destabilization measures are chosen.
2) Should the Afghan infiltration be stopped or still the wild quest of strategic depth be perused in the form of interference there, through Taliban.
3) Should we go with the world, align our goals with changing global political dynamics or we peruse our own agenda in the midst of global anger.
4) Should be proliferate the nuclear arsenals along with extremism or we become the ambassador of peace.

Future of Pakistan lies in the choices we make mainly pertaining to above questions.

Hope sanity prevails.


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