Saturday, March 7, 2009

Women’s Day Special: Honor Killing; who’s Honor is this???

Today I was shocked to see a documentary on honor killing in Muslim World. Guy cuts his sisters head and brings it to the police station, to inform police that he had killed her. She was killed because she violated the social honor code that is defined by religion and enforced by MEN. At times women interaction with strangers leads to doubt in the minds of male in her family, such doubts at times leads to killing in the name of honor.

Such brutal killing justified by religion is terrifying for women, unimaginable in modern world. People thought human race has emancipated from the brutal past or medieval age is over but I lament that parts of the world are still in dark ages. Female are looking for emancipation and freedom in male chauvinistic society.

Women are terrified, no rights, no legal protection…countries like Afghan, Saudi, and Rural Pakistan…….are the worst affected.

I have yet to come across any news that says, a man was brutalized for extra marital affair or faced the rage of honor killing. For once, I realized that it is nothing but men’s honor, the big EGO is behind such brutalities, because to them women is coveted deeply personal sex toy for only personal pleasure and controlled as per defined norms by society and religion.


zaki said...

Dear Imran,
Good stuff ;)

For your understanding, Islam does not allow brutality of any kind especially on the women folk. On the contrary, Islam has given equal rights to women and has provided security which no other religion has explicitly given. More than 1400 years back, womens rights equal to men were granted in Islam.

The brutality you are talking is the tribal tradition which has no linkage to Islam.

Unfortunately, good education to the masses have been deliberately taken away by the ruling class in the muslim countries. The poor ignorant masses and especially the women folk are not aware of their rights. The system which governs the majority of the muslim countries is not faire and the absence of responsibility and accountability have complicated the state of affairs to a point of no return.

Coming back to your blog, do you know which is the country in the world which has the highest rape cases on a per minute basis? It is USA. According to the State Department statistics, every 3 minute there is a rape committed in USA. The time i have taken to reply about 20 rapes must have taken place.

My second question is which is the country which has the least crimes committed? According to UNO statistics, it is Saudi Arabia. I have witnessed myself when i had gone for performing Haj in 1986 and umra in 2006, at the time of call for prayer or adan, even the jewellery shops are kept physically open with no attendant as every body leaves for prayer. My friends who performed Haj in Dec. 2008 said the same thing. Nobody dare committ theft or dacoity or rape. Why? The criminals loose their right hand or left hand. The rapist are beheaded; the dacoits or robber hands are chopped and these punishment are swift and are carried out in a public place. On the face of it, the punishments are very brutal but it is paying them well and the people live in an atmosphere of safety and security. Just for information, these punishments have not been developed by the saudese. These are the laws prescribed by Allah and given in the Quran. PLEASE also note i am not a maulana. We have army of maulanas misguiding the nation. For a better understanding of Islam, my view is that one should read the Holy Quran with meaning and the authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). By the way, do you know who was the most influential person in the history of mankind, the man who changed the world?

Our biggest problem is absence of good quality education at the mass level plus lack of accountability and responsibility at the govt. level.

Best of luck,
Zaki Ahmed Sharif

Imran Baloch said...

Zaki, thanks alot for taking your time. Appreciate your valuable thoughts. Well, i agree US society is not perfect, rape is one example, what about idea generation, i am sure so many new ideas are generated everyday on US soil. So many innovations frequently take place on US land, making the modern day life possible.

US women is free, they are equally enjoying the rights in spite of rape and crime rate.

I again say, US society is not perfect but being a muslim if i have to choose between SAUDI and US, i would still prefer US.

I saw mosque in biblical south, can you imagine a CHURCH in Saudi.

What about the rights of Christians in Pakistan, they are only fit for shit cleaning.

I saw Muslims in best corporate offices in US..........

Yes, i agree that Education is the answer, we are still living in Tribal age, we need introspection.....answer lies within, but we can learn alot from US

Imran Baloch

Liz said...

Islam is a patriarchal religion like every other religion. The tribal "traditions" are cultural standards of a people who claim to be religious. A caste system is a system of the haves and the have nots and perpetuates ignorance. We in America call it systematic oppression. Crime and violence (which is what rape is) is one of the by products of having economical and systematic oppression. As far as there being more rape in America well I would argue there is just that much more opportunity for crime. Yes, we do have a down side to our free society. To suggest that chopping off people's hands is somehow a solution is sick and barbaric. The oppression in Saudi Arabia is unacceptable to any American, they can keep their low crime rate and brutality. Americans work on their problems intellectually, not like animals.

Finally, America is still the most coveted country in the world. Our way of life is admired and sought after and we make no apologies.

Imran Baloch said...

Hey LIZ, thanks for your feedback, i like when you write "Americans work on their problems intellectually, not like animals".

I admire the problem solution approach, that makes America different from Muslim world.

One may compare crime rates etc but there are so many aspects that still make US covated and most admired.

The systamatic oppression has deep meaning, thats what i found.....

Inspite of high crime rates in US, i would still prefer US vis a vis Saudi.