Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bye Bye Bush; Cheeky Ad Campaign :-)

I always like cheeky advertisements, Polygamy Porter is one of them I lately wrote about, in Pakistan, Nandos always comes up with creative text such as Zardari & Palin incident.

Lately I came across a BYE BYE BUSH adv Campaign by a Singaporean Wax Salon, its name is STRIP. What I like about the campaign, it is the best one can take advantage of current affairs with a play on words in an ad campaign such as;
Farewell Bush
Bye Bye Bush
Boy Are We Glad to See Bush Go
No More Bush
Life Will be Better Without Bush

Very very funny, STRIP Brazilian wax salon has always been cheeky, fun and forward…I love to see more liberal cheeky advertisements, which may not meant to insult any politician or country but to make people laugh.

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