Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey, Conservative Pakistani Middle Class, Watch “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

The struggle on the streets of Punjab, restoration of Chief Justice, victory dance by Jammat E Islami, Imran Khan & jubilant media with sensational news has made me think about anti Chavez campaign by media and conservative middle class.

Nadeem Paracha in today’s Dawn refers to anti Chavez campaign orchestrated by media, he writes “In a terrific new documentary called “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” director Kim Bartley convincingly pushes forward the idea that the right-wing coup that toppled Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez in 2002, was propagated by a string of private television channels that are owned by the country’s elite

If one looks at the background of PML N, JI, Imran Khan and middle class of Punjab ‘the GT Road mindset’, all are conservative. They are the ones always danced on the tunes of Military, welcomed the dictators and responsible for the mess that was created during 80s.

It has hardly been one year, liberal PPP government is so fragile, under pressure and blamed for all the wrong. The GT Road conservative mindset, still believes in old tactics, same were used in 88 and in 90s. It seems, we have not learned any lessons or Pakistan is all about the mandate of conservative middle class of Punjab. They support Taliban, they have problem with India, they think Baloch are traitors, they think they are the ones who love Pakistan. They are ones, have right to define what Pakistani interests are.

Same mindset supports Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden, rest of country wants to get rid of all that mess. Why whole country is the victim of the conservative mindset?

It is lament to see people calling the last week event, a triumph of freedom, age of free media, I would say they must watch the documentary “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, I am not equating Zardari with Chavez but that documentary raises a lot of questions for conservative middle class of Punjab.

If Conservative mandate of Punjab thinks that they have all the right to define the interests of Pakistan, they are mistaken; countries are strengthened by accepting the diversity and rights and mandate of all.

Majority party represents the aspiration of rest of the country, through the number of parliamentarians, if media and blocking the GT Road is the best way to topple the government then it is a mistake, such steps would be disastrous for the future of country.

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