Saturday, April 4, 2009

“Two Women = One Man" Women Flogging in the Name of Religion !!!

Lately I had discussion with few friends about women rights in Pakistan. I always have strong belief that both sexes, gender should have similar rights, in spite of historical justification provided by religion. Few gone to an extent saying that "in religion the evidence of one man is equal to the evidence of two women. Both can not be equal"

It made me think, lately I had an interesting interaction across US, and it firmed my belief that it is medieval religious-social interpretation that denies women all the rights, and it needs to be changed.

Islam itself provides or allows Ijtehad “to look for the meaning in contemporary social context”.

Yesterday, I was shocked to see women flogging by Taliban on the streets of Pakistan city of SAWAT. It was sick and disgusting to see such atrocities in the name of religion; it is also lament so see that other religiouss scholars across the country also support such practices.

I am still confused, is it religious philosophy that suggest maltreatment of women? or is it the flawed practice or interpretation of religion in Pakistan by clerics who are influenced by tribal mindset?
It is evident that religion encourages logical argument, provides rational of each practice from a historical context but as a society we use, misuse and abuse religion as per our convenience.

I just want to divert attention to two following examples, if someone thinks two women=one men;

I was at Boeing 777 manufacturing plant in Seattle, Washington. Ever single aero plane i.e, 777 is handed over to customer after the test flight by the Chief Pilot. The Chief Pilot at BOEING is a woman.

Later on National Geographic I saw a documentary on Vegas, Nevada. City is all about light, fun, entertainment and night life. Live electric wires need mantainence without disconnecting the electricity. The best resource to do this job is a women, heading a team of engineers.

Women, shaping history, making important decisions, running the countries. People like Taliban and their sponsors, try to put women in cage, use them as sexual toy and justify it through religion.

At times I think, 'Girls are lucky !!! who are not Muslim & not living on Taliban Land or on the Land of Pure'.


Liz said...

Is that top picture the women in the video or just some other poor soul they pulled off the street to rape and torture? I'm sorry but the men in that video are we call sexual sadists. They are sexually aroused by beating and torturing women and when behind closed doors, I'm sure they do more. I can't even fathom living in such a place that allows and condones such human rights violation.

Amnesty International is a great human right watch dog group. Can't the people in your Democracy make this behavior illegal? Never mind, don't answer that. I'm sure they can't.

When you were celebrating "Women's Day" I knew that was something in place to change public perception. I had never heard of a women's day before. Everyday is womens day in my world. :)

Imran Baloch said...

Hey Liz, good to see your comment, that first picture is of an Afghan women. On Pakistan broder town, these Taliban's allowed to apply religious law 'rather medieval tribal Pashtun laws' that flogging case happened there.

Well, Prime Minister has taken notice, Supreme Court has also asked police to produce all before the court by tomorrow.

Today, all civil society organizations were on the street, mass protests across the country.

We will not let this country to fall in the hands of extremists. We are liberal and peace loving people, we will over power narrow minded minority.

We will celebrate women day and make sure their rights are protected. Wont let narrow interpreation of religion to subjegate women to violence.

Anonymous said...

Hey chum, nice to read your an added blogs related a very good concern in Pakistan , well in my point of observation this is not issue of Religion. The society participate a role in all subject, for example the district ( old Thana village ) the place you and me live , women do not go for walk , do not play in ground and so far from many more simple daily life good activities.
In other depiction in same country the area of Clifton and defense women not only they go for walk and play openly but are totally free and participating in daily life good actions. ... Well …….
Due to thanks of Media we just saw recently SWAT stupidity incident in fact officially data in Pakistan Senate shows that more than 4,000 people lost their precious life in last 4 years in result of brainless , unpardonable KARO-KARI …also ,
Immi hope u keep go on this kinda good post .

Regards ,
Balouch BILAL

Imran Baloch said...

I know Bilal, it varies, in tradtional conservative societies it is bad to be a women.....let me tell you, religious justification is used to subjugate women.

Believe you me, we are still a tribal country, irrespective of liberal outlook, deep down we are backward.

I lament, religion also plays a role in the context of women rights.

We have to go a long way....look at women in Saudi....the way they treat them....esp Wahabi brand of Islam....

There is something wrong some where.......which shapes the anti women mindset.