Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stop Hatred; A Reality Check

It’s been couple of weeks I am back in town after my US exposure through Exchange Program. Few of my intellectual businessmen friends invited me over coffee for general discussion ‘we often interact’, but this discussion was different. It was because I had completely different perception of US, ‘not the policy but the society’.

During the discussion with friends I found there is so much distrust and enmity towards US because of the war on terror and constant drone attacks in Pakistan. Everyone was talking in terms of various conspiracy theories, discussing possibilities, guesses regarding US desires for the region. Few guys went to an extent saying the JEWISH lobby wants to wipe out Nuclear Muslim state. These thought are sold by media and conservative political parties in Pakistan. Even few shared the views that Capitalism is dying in the form of Fall of America.

I am glad at least in my circle I am able to make my friends to think rather than being engrossed with Anti US feelings. Once again I just want to let my friends revisit the words I have shared;

*US is a place that attracts the best of the best brain from across the globe, why?
*It is a place called land of opportunities for all, why?
*I met a Pakistani SVP at Bank of America head office.
*I saw a Jordanian chief economist in one of prestigious Deptt of Commerce.
*Every other person one interacts is an immigrant.
*Grass root freedom based on individual rights guaranteed by Bill of Rights is practiced in true spirit to unite the diverse country.
*It is the place for idea generation; best innovations come from US, why?
*We as Muslim society hardly innovate anything, just consume whatever other societies innovate for us, why?
*Muslim radical groups only have short sighted narrow view unlike US world view, why?
*Had world been lead by Saudi, what would have been the geo-political map, what would have happened to women, freedom & learning??

Fine, if US economy suffers deeper, i am sure they wont be looking for a Pakistani bail out package!

I may agree that US support to Israel, Palestinian conflict is there, war on terror and indiscriminate bombing is there but who can bridge the gap? Who can talk peace? Who can take initiatives? Who can remove distrust? Who can bring hope?

I am sure, it is the time, Muslim world should take the initiative, and a renewed dialogue is the need of the hour, as pointed out by President Obama.

Lastly I would share one thing, US society offers a lot, it is not perfect but one can learn.

Let me sum it up, one of my cool friend asked me to watch a movie ‘ Moulin Rouge’, to me few words from the movie defines US society……Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love…..truly Bohemian ‘ ideally speaking’

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