Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scarf Ban in France & Bikini Clad Girls on the Streets of ZAINAB MARKET

It has been interesting discussion, whenever we come across any news related to scarf related ban in France or other EU countries, we raise eyebrows. We questions, how come liberal Europe is so intolerant of religious freedom!

I came across an interesting read; it says how can you defend France’s laws banning hijabs in public schools?

Replied argument is, “They have banned Sikh turbans and the wearing of Christian crosses and Jewish Star of David as well.

Law is not against Muslims, It is against exhibiting overt religious symbols in public. France is a secular country and it has every right to do so. What if a European woman appears in a mini skirt on Zainab Market? You will say, since you are an Islamic republic, you have the right to ban such attire in public, wouldn’t you. I think they tolerate a lot more hijabs and turbans in their country than we ever tolerate crosses, shorts and skirts in ours!!

Give it a thought, argument is self convincing. How tolerant Pakistani Taliban are?? How tolerant Pakistani Mullahs are?? Give it a thought.

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Kulsoom said...

What Zainab Market has to do with this??