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Saddam and the Hidden Agenda of the US

Amit Kapoor
December 17, 2003

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I am not an authority who is writing on world affairs but writing as a person who feels very disturbed by the developments in the last few days. On Saturday when Saddam was captured the Americans were rejoicing as from their point of view they had captured one of the most wanted man in the list they had developed. One of the statements made was Saddam would be treated as a Prisoner of War (POW)?

I shudder at the thought and I am pained while I see the pictures of Saddam on television when he is being examined by the US doctor. Is this the way that you treat a former Head of State whether a dictator or a democratically elected one. There is always a way to treat a person in a dignified and respectable way. He should be accorded the status of the former ruler of the state and treated accordingly and not as a POW. He needs to be treated well. Period.

Americans are planning a trial for Saddam; in fact there are individuals who are already propagating a death sentence for the former leader of Iraq. You want to punish Saddam for Iran Iraq was, attacks on the Kurds, invasion of Kuwait, Killing and torture, Insurgency against coalition troops.

As of now I feel for the man who has lost all his power. The way he is being treated I feel we have relegated to the world of the Barbarians where the stronger tribe won, whether right or wrong. What has happened to the world? In one of the statements Shahi Imam had said that it is a black day for the Muslim world, I would beg to differ here. It is a black day for the civilized world where in a bunch of cowboys are trying to set the rules and forcing the world to follow them.Today at this juncture I am compelled to ask what war, for what and of what nature?First and foremost the name of the operation has been termed as Operation Iraqi freedom. What kind of freedom are we really talking about for the people of Iraq?People in Iraq have the right to decide, America had no right to decide for Iraqis. America has attacked Iraq under a false premise of giving freedom and rights to people.America is working overtime on the idea that you are getting freedom for the people of Iraq? Why don’t you give the Iraqis the freedom to decide who rebuilds their country and why are you making them face ruthless privatization. Who has given the right to US for determining the economic course of the country? In doing all this America has ended up annexing a country and it does not have any moral right to do so and not poke its nose into somebody else’s business.At the end of the day America does not have a moral right to annex a country.Let us be cleat that it has been a great marketing effort on the part of the US administration to showcase the whole war as a way on doing away with the menace of Saddam and his biological weapons. Let us not forget that Bush is a Harvard MBA and I am sure he understands very well how to play with words to change the perception and manipulate the thoughts of people.The other reasons for war and subsequent idea of death for Saddam have been that Saddam was brutal with Kurds. If you think suppressing a rebellion is anti people than why are you holding the young American who fought for the Taliban against the Americans? He is a traitor and then who were the Kurds. In the same breath CNN shows clips of people being beaten on Streets in Iraq. How can we forget when the white policemen beat up a black person in LA, USA. What about the racial discrimination that exists in US and UK. In fact US has gone ahead with what they call as religious profiling of people. Now, who is curbing my right to the religion I want to practice.America says that it would make a tribunal for deciding on the fate of Saddam. Doesn’t it sound clich├ęd, I am sure they would be picking up the people they want and who would decide what US wants. I think it is a foregone conclusion that Saddam would be hanged.One of the other major reasons as sighted by the USA for trial of Saddam is the insurgency against the coalition forces. They are trying to tell the world that Saddam loyalists are creating problems in Iraq. What do we call the fight against the invader – insurgency. Let us not forget that it is the US court which has ruled that one country’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. E-Iraq should be enraged by the occupation of their country by someone else. It is not the Saddam loyalists who are fighting but people who believe that they have the right to decide what they want to achieve in life and for their country. They are fighting against the illegal occupation of their country.Any proud Iraqi will fight against the Americans. This would mean that tomorrow America will attack India for having nuclear weapons and no nuclear command in place. Rest assured if that happens I can be sure that1 billion people will be in arms against the US at that point in time.We all talk about brutality and Islamic terrorism, I am not too sure whether it is terrorism or they are fighting for their right to live decently and decide for themselves how they want to live. Why don’t you give Palestinians the right to self determination? This would be because Israelis control the maximum wealth in US.If you say that Iraqis need to decide for themselves than why doesn’t America let Hawaii break away from USA? Give them the right to decide. You would say that the freedom view for Hawaii is in minority. Incidentally let me make you remember that you also went against the world view and you were in minority when you decided to attack Iraq.We should not forget that most of the terrorist activities in the world are funded by the US or on the behest of the US. Who equipped and supported Saddam Hussein? What was the regime who funded it? I think it was Rumsfeld who was a part of the process. Should he be hanged? He is much more of a reason for the problems and disparity that got created in the gulf than anybody else. Incidentally let us not forget USA itself funded Osama to fight and create problems for the Russians after they took over the country in 1979.

Do you think that US would ever attack Korea? I am sure US will not do it for multiple reasons. One that they don’t have the guts to attack a equally pitted partner. When US cannot attack equally pitted partner what is it doing… isn’t it being coward… I can say Saddam had the guts to fight against the US. US itself doesn’t have the guts to fight Korea because they know that the Koreans can actually make their life miserable. A Vietnam can be repeated for them in Korea. US behaves in a typical way of a bully trying to fight with the person who cannot really retaliate and fight back. Too much for set of people who think they are brave.Americans and George Bush in particular should remember that history is cyclical. What you have done to Saddam can happen to one of your presidents in the future. History never forgets and in God you trust, than I am sure that he is watching and he would punish the Americans with the largest level of insults in the future. Remember no civilization lives forever. They all get go down in the abysmal depths of time. What you would your civilization want to be remembered as? A bunch of Barbarians who wanted to invade the world with their ideology of freedom, democracy and capitalism. With the actions that have been taken by Americans I am sure it is the beginning of the death of a great empire or kingdom. Generally speaking an empire has never lasted more than 300 – 500 years. I think the land of opportunity i.e. USA is facing an imminent death.

Life has come a full circle for Saddam and it would come full circle for US. If not now than the future generations will have to pay for it. What America is trying to do today is to fight against the mistakes that they have committed during the cold war, the mistakes of dividing the world starkly into a bipolar world.

Saddam is a deceiver, he’s a liar, he’s a torturer, and he’s a murderer? These are the words of the president of the US. I would like to ask one question, what are you Mr. Bush? Can you say that you don’t belong to all these categories? You are powerful today and can manipulate whatever you feel like. I just hope that the quote that pen is mightier than the sword comes true but than again the media in US is playing at the hands of the present regime. I believe Saddam more than US as US has a history of manipulating and concocting facts. I feel pained by the humiliation he has had to face because his capture makes life easier for a certain President in the next elections and he can garner some additional votes.Let me ask a very pointed question as to what have Americans done for last 65 years? They killed hundreds of thousands in Japan, attacked countries like Syria, Sudan etc.Is it a psychological victory for the US or they are trying to showcase the lost morals of the world. Media is extremely biased in the US. What is the ground reality? There are people who are crying for Saddam even in Iraq.US talks at all times that it is a land that provides opportunities for independent actions and growth. At what cost are you providing all this. You have ended up becoming one of the most unjust set of people who are fighting for material gains and benefits. America not worried whether you become poor or not, what matters to them is whether they are becoming rich or not. They have created the Saddam phobia for oil as we can see that oil production in Iraq at full capacity can bring the oil prices to about $ 18 - $ 22 a barrel. Don’t we see an obvious relation as to why a war was raged on Iraq. The war is all about oil, show casing their arms technology for the world to see andappreciate, off course subsequently buy.I would like to tell Americans in the end that their actions are not making the world safer and saner place to live. In fact I feel it is quite the opposite as the resentment against the US would continue to rise and take serious proportions and at that time we would not be in a position to rectify the mistakes.America suffers from a great superiority complex thinking what they do and say is right. They are extremely one sided. What we can clearly see is – Americans are highly opportunistic.Going by the logic of Bush and Blair, I think India should file a case in the international court against the queen. It was under this kingdom that thousands aybe millions lost their lives in India. Sukhdev and Bhagat Singh were the people who were fighting for the right for self determination of Indians. They were hanged and if I go by the history they were brutally torn to pieces on the behest of the British regime in India. Who is responsible for the same? The royal family – I suppose. I think we made a grave mistake; we should have imprisoned Prince Charles when he was on a visit to India.US today is working on the premise that might is right. The inference that can be clearly drawn is that this is all about money and oil. Remember that Saddam’s regime was one that was forward looking. They came to a state of primitive living because of US backed sanctions and not because of Saddam. Don’t distort history and portray a false picture a man who is fallen. Bush Junior is trying to fulfill what Bush Senior was not able to achieve. They are taking a country to ransom and treating the people of US as they are workers in a family managed enterprise. The whole affair is more of a propaganda war. Saddam had nothing, no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Who isfighting an unjust war, US or someone else? And who are the terrorists – Saddam or Bush and Blair?

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