Friday, August 22, 2008

Fast Paced Crazy Technology; Wish I Were Born in Future

Today, after the intriguing session in STRATEGY CLASS at LUMS, on Core Competencies & lots of talk about future of business, society, human being and world landscape at large, my friend AHMED made me think about these words;

“Imran, I wish if we were born after couple of generations in future”!!!!! It made me think!
Innovation driven and fast paced technology is changing the overall human life, intriguing, mind boggling, yet powerful with pros and cons, moving ahead with unstoppable pace.

Success is all about mapping or understanding the future and adjusting with similar pace…..

Following news has made me think even deeper “Intel has showed off a wireless electric power system …..mind boggling….. yes…that’s what people said once human being thought of flying…
Intel team ……..sent the electricity wirelessly to a lamp on stage, lighting a 60 watt bulb that uses more power than a typical laptop computer.

Most importantly, the electricity was transmitted without zapping anything or anyone that got between the sending and receiving units.

It seems everything is possible, what if following happens in our lifetime;

Women may not need men to produce babies…….It is already a known fact that women have certain hormone if stimulated; it could result in child birth without mating with men. Men would become a useless junk and extinct creature.

It reminds me of a movie, in which due to some global disease men die and whole planet is left with only women…

At times, things are happening so fast, it seem world is FLAT….few friends gone to an extent saying “Hay World, Please Stop, You Are Too Fast, Let Me Get Off”


madeeha said...

hey i dnt agree with u., is becoming so fast due to this inventions/discoveries and thanx to these we have becum so selfish and now v dnt have time for one another...wats our aim in life?wats ur motto?wat do u want to achieve?values n ethics??all gone...we have FORGOT ALL THIS and above all humanity is almost has vanished....correct me if m wrong..or u have any comments..m looking forward to knw ur thoughts on this,,,,

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ya on ethics and social value side we are facing the decline.. but social interaction is completely changing, relationship, society, ethics and values are being redefined or influenced by the changing dynamics of modern life.

Human evolution or social evolution will dramatically change.

But no one can resist change...

I agree selfishness and other things are leadings towards a material world.

Imran Baloch